Hello, I'm Franciska

I’m a Product Designer and Facilitator who enjoys creating digital experiences that have a meaningful impact on users' lives while fulfilling business needs.

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Recent Projects

Here you can find a selection of my most recent case studies of products that I have worked on.

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Here you can find a selection of the most recent articles I have published.

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Start with why
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My preferred tool-stack

I use a variety of software within my tool-stack ranging from the latest UX/UI, development and visual software.


  • ✓ Figma
  • ✓ Loom
  • ✓ Adobe XD
  • ✓ Balsamiq
  • ✓ Webflow


  • ✓ Maze
  • ✓ Miro
  • ✓ Grammerly
  • ✓ Typeform


  • ✓ FigJam
  • ✓ Notion
  • ✓ Slack
  • ✓ Google Drive


  • ✓ HTML
  • ✓ CSS
  • ✓ Javascript
  • ✓ Github
  • ✓ Gitpod

Let's connect!

Feel free to reach out on social media if you want to connect or to see some tech, design and personal development content.