Hey there!

I'm Franciska

My vision is for us to see the unlimited potential in the things we do and create. We might just change the world…

franciska du toit

My Story

I have always enjoyed exploring and learning about various subjects, unpacking problems and finding solutions to change experiences for the better. Over the last couple of years, I have aligned my career to creating digital experiences that have a meaningful impact on users' lives while also fulfilling business needs. I bring over 6 years of experience in project & team management, marketing and designing creative business solutions into my role as a product designer.

The reason why I find Product Design interesting is that it is a dynamic discipline where I am constantly learning and growing. It also has a user-centric focus where the primary goal is for people to use a product that feels intuitive and enjoyable. With UX your work can change how people work and also improve people’s lives by developing solutions to products and services that will impact people's real-life experiences. Lastly, it centres around collaborative and creative problem solving where one can test and measure the success of the solution. For me, a purposeful career is when your work impacts others positively. This has been my life's mission and I believe that by being a Product designer I am achieving this.

Currently, I am a Senior UX Designer in the Finance Industry and a Facilitator at Memorisely to guest facilitate micro-education talks, workshops, and panel discussions for students, alumni, and their UX/UI community.

In my spare time, I create content for the UX/UI Design community. I enjoy collaborating in design forums and I am also learning how to sail. Feel free to reach out to and connect!

My Reading List

I believe that as a designer it is very important to constantly be learning and improving. What better way to do it than by reading? Books are powerful and I feel the more I learn, the better UX/UI Designer I become! Here are some of the books I’ve been diving into lately.

  • The Design of Everyday Things by Don Norman
  • Steal like an artist by Austin Kleon
  • Hooked by Nir Eyal
  • Creative confidence by Tom & David Kelley
  • Just Enough Research by Erika Hall
  • Lean UX by Jeff Gothelf

Let's connect!

Feel free to reach out to on social media if you want to connect or to see some tech, design and personal development content.