Ensure your product's purpose is clear

maze case study mockup
One of the best ways to measure the success of a product is to test if the purpose of the product, interface and features are clear.
A lot of times we just add a bunch of features without thinking: why we are incorporating it, why are we doing it this way or why is this better for the user.
My point is if we keep asking WHY while we create, iterate or implement and can explain our decisions to others, the products that we develop will be better! It does not stop there though. The key is to test our decisions and see if what we assumed or thought was correct with users, to ensure that the design was perfectly clear. Our users should seamlessly flow through our design and feel they have accomplished their goal without feeling frustrated. If we can achieve that, we would have won our user’s trust and they will return, reuse and enjoy our products! (which is the goal)
In summary, remember these 3 things:
  1. Always ask WHY you are doing/creating/incorporating something
  2. Can you explain your decisions
  3. Test your decisions with your users