UX should consider all users

maze case study mockup
Accessibility, at its core, is quite simple but crucial to implement for digital products. It is an integral part of UX!
The Web Content Accessibility Guidelines set out the minimum requirements for your digital products to be accessible. WCAG mentions these 4 principles:
  1. Perceivable - the user must be able to perceive your product and all the information contained in it
  2. Operable - the user should be able to use your product, with or without the use of assistive technologies
  3. Understandable - the user understands all the information on your product including how to deal with errors
  4. Robust - the product needs to have the greatest possible compatibility between current technologies and be updated if necessary
There is a range of tools and techniques to test the accessibility of your design:
When we create and develop digital products with these principles and tools in mind, we are creating a good user experience for all our users.